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When it comes to connecting and engaging with former and potential clients online, one of the best and easiest ways to do so is through social media outlets like Facebook. There are millions of users on Facebook every day, and some of them in your geographical region may be looking for your legal services. In our modern digital age, connecting with potential clients through social media outlets is simply another tool in your digital marketing tool belt that you should definitely be taking advantage of.

In addition to creating a Facebook page for your law firm and engaging with those clients who already know you are available to them, Facebook also allows businesses like yours to utilize Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising which specifically targets users who have shown interest in or a need for your legal services. As the name would assume, you only pay for the advertising when a potential client actually clicks your ad and is taken to the designated website. This allows you to easily monitor and control how much money you spend on your ads and make adjustments, if necessary.

Your specialized Facebook ad will show up on the side of a potential client’s newsfeed, and if they click your ad then they will be taken to the particular landing page which has been set up specifically for those potential clients coming from Facebook or other social media outlets. Facebook ads are a great way to get your brand in front of the clients who are looking for you and manage your advertising budget effectively since you only pay for the clicks you get.

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Facebook Ads for Attorneys

In the personal injury field, there is plenty of competition regardless of your specialty or geographical region. From person injury to divorce, bankruptcy to criminal defense, and everything in between, law firms should always be looking for a way to get ahead of their competitors and attract as many new clients as possible. One way to ensure you are covering all of your digital bases is through Facebook and social media advertising.

Facebook ads are a form of PPC advertising that are targeted to users based on location, demographics, and profile information, and many of the options available are specific to Facebook. Once you create your ad, you will set a budget, and bid for each click or thousand impressions that your ad gets. People spend an enormous amount of time online, and a good deal of that time is spent on social networking sites like Facebook. It is only logical that, in addition to your Search Engine Optimization campaign and website development, you utilize these platforms as another potential way to meet and attract clients. 

Rather than solely relying on your website and search rankings to bring visitors to your site, using Facebook ads to further attract potential clients increases the likelihood that they will find you over your competition. And the Facebook ad will send a new client to a particular landing page that has a specific call to action on it for the client to take. With a well-targeted Facebook ad campaign, you will certainly reap the benefits as new clients begin to contact your law firm.

PPC Advertising for Law Firms

You can put your law firm’s website in front of those clients who need your expertise at that moment

What Is

Every time one of your PPC ads is clicked, you pay a fee to have a potential client sent directly to your website

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You’ll have plenty of visibility in the search results, be able to track your ROI, and target clients

The Benefits of Social Media
Marketing for Law Firms

Using social media as a marketing tool rather than for personal reasons is certainly unique to the business field. It is a smart way to advance your marketing strategy and continually affirm your digital presence with new and former clients. Social media outlets allow you to increase brand awareness within your target audience because it helps to put your law firm’s message in front of the people who need to find you and invest in your services. 

Facebook is an excellent platform for sharing blog posts, press releases, videos, photos, and other content from your firm in a location where an audience would want to see it.
Additionally, within the industry, you can use social media to showcase your firm as a leader whose expertise can be relied upon by both clients and other firms. 

When you are creating useful content, be sure to share it so that your industry can grow and your law firm, in particular, can establish itself as a leader. You can also use social media to gain intelligence and be competitive. See what other firms are doing on outlets such as Facebook or LinkedIn so that you know what clients are finding useful.

Reach Your Audience & Grow Your Law Firm

When it comes to reaching your audience and growing your legal practice, there is a lot of competition in your field. It is important that you take advantage of every opportunity you have available to you so that more clients contact you. Social media platforms like Facebook allow you to connect and engage while also promoting your firm. Targeted Facebook advertisements put your brand in front of those potential clients in need of and searching for your legal expertise, and your only task is to ensure that you have set the proper parameters so that they see your ad.

The more you reach your target audience (those clients in need of your specialty), the easier it is for you to grow your practice. When a potential client sees your ad, they will click the link and be taken straight to the landing page you have designed. Never before has connection and engagement been so easy, and our social media experts at Practice Ramp are here to help ensure your Facebook ads are keeping your legal practice in front of the right clients.

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Paid promotions which appear in front of those people who are looking for your at the moment are known as Pay-Per-Click advertising. Every time one of your PPC ads is clicked, you pay a fee to have a potential client sent directly to your website.

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