Running your own law firm generally means long hours and lots of energy dedicated to your clients and their cases. It also means that you need to find as many clients as possible to ensure the success of your firm. Whether you are a personal injury attorney, a workers’ compensation lawyer, disability law firm, or involved in any other type of law, you will need to get your firm’s name out there and earn the designation as a reliable source of legal representation.

Because we are living in the modern digital age, it is essential that your firm has a well-optimized website, a digital marketing strategy, and a social media campaign designed to attract as many visitors as possible to your site and convert them to clients. At Practice Ramp, our digital marketing experts are here to provide you with the services your firm needs to rank high in the search engine results pages (SERPs), stay competitive in the field, and increase your organic traffic.

Digital Marketing

We have the marketing plan intended to assist you with fortifying your online presence and carry more customers to your site.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising places your site at the head of the web index results when a potential customer utilizes specific watchwords to look for your legitimate administrations.


At the point when you rank higher than your opposition, you will have the most perceivability to expected customers and your site will have the option to change over them from guests to genuine customers

Web Design

You will learn how a website helps to increase the visibility of your firm, how it lets people understand how you can help them, and how it gives them an easy way to contact your firm when they need legal representation.

Digital Marketing Services for Attorneys

The marketing and advertising specialists at Practice Ramp offer a full range of digital marketing services designed to help you strengthen your online presence and bring more clients to your website. 

Our services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising which also includes Facebook ads and social media marketing, and Website Design and Development. We will handle all of your website optimization, marketing, and advertising so that you can focus on fighting for your clients and providing them with exceptional legal representation.

Our digital marketing and advertising specialists have the knowledge, skills, training, and experience to develop and implement a well-planned and thorough marketing strategy to ensure that your legal practice ranks higher than your competition and attracts as many potential clients as possible to your website.


Search Engine Optimization is a complicated process which involves on-site and off-site techniques designed to demonstrate your firm’s reliability and trustworthiness to search engines like Google as well as potential clients. Working to meet and exceed the search engine’s algorithms will help your website rank higher than your competition in the SERPs.

What can be difficult for those new to the SEO process is realizing that it can take up to about 6 months before you actually see the results of the labor, but the return on investment (ROI) is more than worth the wait. 

When you rank higher than your competition, you will have the most visibility to potential clients and your website will be able to convert them from visitors to actual clients. Your ROI will have noticeable gains both on paper as well as in the office when your appointment calendar is completely booked with new legal clients.


Since the SEO process can take a significant amount of time in order to start showing the results of your investment, an effective way to temporarily boost your visibility immediately is through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising places your website at the top of the search engine results when a potential client uses particular keywords to search for your legal services. 

You only pay for the clicks you receive, and PPC campaigns are very easy to manage, monitor, and adjust when necessary. PPC (including Facebook ads) can be a great way to get your practice the attention it needs in the interim time it takes to get your SEO campaign up and running.

If you are looking for a way to show your legal expertise to new and returning clients, social media outlets are an exceptional resource. Outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube (among others) are excellent for showcasing your law firm’s experience and skills in the field. 

Many of these outlets also provide opportunities for law firms to advertise to a targeted audience through their version of PPC ads. They will show up in the news feeds of those users who may already be in need of and looking for your legal services. For a reasonable price per click, you can use your social media accounts to bring even more clients to your firm’s website and then into your office for a consultation.

Web Design & Development

The development of a website takes great knowledge and creativity on the part of the web designer. Not only does the website need to look attractive and be aesthetically pleasing to users, but it also has to meet the extensive requirements of search engines like Google so that it can rank high in the SERPs. Design components like navigation, mobile-responsiveness, and link structure all need to be considered while developing an excellent website.

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